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First Responders in crisis

  • First Responders in crisis

    What is the best thing that you did today at your workplace? May be you tried your best at your project or completed the tasks on time or got appreciation from manager. Can any of you say that you traveled miles away to give life to a person in emergency? Our volunteers said it wholeheartedly.

    Recently our co-workers, Siva Prakash K and Arunbharathi R, have donated blood to one of the close relatives of our company’s driver. At night they traveled from Chennai to Pondicherry to donate a rare blood type. This virtuous act needs to be recognized¬†and the givers were thanked by the victim and the higher-ups. Blood donation in case of emergencies transcends all the higher limits and is highly appreciable act among the team. By donating the most rare blood type, which is highly in-demand, our team members have served the cause of humanity. Blood donation is an act of giving life and is an wonderful gift within us to give those who are injured or in need.

    We express our deepest gratitude to you for your support and continued cooperation to help those in need. Your act will certainly be an inspiration toall the coworkers.


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