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Medical Representatives with miraculous Sales

  • Medical Representatives with miraculous Sales

    Medical Representatives with miraculous Sales

    The journey of a medical representative begins with drug information and sales knowledge. But, it extends vastly as medical devices, Diagnostics, Disposables, Surgical equipment and customer segments, etc. This scenario still creates difficult challenges such as sales targets, sales cycle with high acquisition costs, technical and medical knowledge. Moreover, for a pharma industry with numerous drug manufacturers, the miles of the journey for a sales representative is multiplied. This results in ample of time for acquiring knowledge, analyzing the competitors and other challenges.
    The only solution is to have a connecting system with the existing datasets by integrating the Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants to the Sales Team.
    To lessen the manual activities, the integration of an existing CRM and graph DB is useful.
    This system not only gives timely frontline support for the representatives but also precise information. Expertise solutions are available in the database which can be fed to the users when needed. This makes the medical representatives who are users to excel in their client places. The visitor to this system simply chats with the virtual assistants for answers.
    Virtual Assistants support them through text-to-text, text-to-speech, speech-to-text and speech-to-speech communications. And so they can be used as both chatbots or voice guided bots.

    The future of Virtual Assistants is certainly vivid because of its efficiency and accuracy. Thus making all the industries to be productive by collecting, analyzing and presenting data to the end users when it is needed. There is no disagreeing of the fact that they are here to stay in many more years to come.

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