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Health One Tap Away

  • Health One Tap Away

    Health One Tap Away

    Smart phones are moving swiftly from convenient accessories to justifiable gadgets for health care workers and consumers. The past few years have seen the healthcare industry taking benefits of the technical advancements with the use of mobile devices, and user-friendly apps to get a better hold on health connected issues. Hospital staffs including Doctors are realizing that mobile technology can be used in multiplicity and efficient ways to improve medical, administrative, and technical tasks.

    The souk is packed with intuitive mobile devices and apps to assist Health Care Professionals with many important tasks. They can keep track of medical adherence and can successfully maintain health records, manage and monitor patient proceedings; help in clinical decision-making.The advantage of such devices is obvious: they quickly deliver medical records and help trigger alerts in case of any trouble. More than anything, they provide ease and expediency, which every end user desires.

    The use of medical apps has become regular and all-embracing. Medical apps for various causes are available, including ones for diagnosis, treatment, electronic prescribing, practice management, coding and billing. Such functional and practical apps can trim down the clinic time for patients whose symptoms can be well-managed at home. The data streaming from such health apps can also be used to decide whether the patient has to be seen for check-up or not. By this means the expenditure of cost can also be brought down. There are even mobile apps which replicate surgical procedures and can carry out simple medical examinations like vision or hearing tests. But mostly, mobile apps are not proposed to replace clinical check-ups, but are meant to complement the clinical procedures in order to improve the patient care outcomes.

    Devices once only in the hands of the Doctor, are now in the pockets of consumer, putting them in charge of their own health and making health care more accessible. The use of mobile devices has transformed various aspects of clinical procedures. However, some HCPs still remain hesitant to accept these advancements, despite the benefits they offer. Corroboration practices and improved standards should be made customary to make sure the use of these tools is apposite in medical practice.

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