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Raising the Bar of Employee Productivity with Technology

  • Raising the Bar of Employee Productivity with Technology

    Raising the Bar of Employee Productivity with Technology

    Every industry desires to intensify its profit and eventually efficiency drives profit; and so does modernization. Technology can either enhance or hamper employee output. More or less it can divert employees, who expend too much of their time on social networks or instant messaging and not sufficient time on their actual work. This does not imply that the employees use FACEBOOK all day long. They certainly could be working very hard – but we need to understand are they working smart and can technology upsurge their productivity?

    While technology, on occasions, can be an interruption, but in many cases, it can improve employee productivity. There are certain approaches in the new generation of workplace technology which help the employer to make a better use of their most important asset: employees.


    New technology has upgraded the facility to COLLABORATE, with which employees can work offsite, and manage their time more efficiently. Technologies services like Skype and Google Hangouts enable employees to get their work done without worrying about the location. It permit workers to complete the projects at a rapid pace than ever before. . Personnel at work from remote sites can share and collaborate documents easily.

    Access to Information

    Inestimable time can be wasted examining and searching relevant data from spreadsheets if stored in large data sets. A cloud-based database can be accessed from anywhere through Internet. This allows on the go employees to remain productive while away from office. Call forwarding solutions and answering services make sure travelling employees never miss any business opportunity.

    Rescue Time

    It helps in tracing computer usage throughout the workday. It allows one to check exactly how much time was spent on which website. Like if the employee spend few hours messaging on FACEBOOK or shopping on Amazon on a workday during work time, you can initiate addressing the subject. Most likely set guidelines concerning personal usage of technology once you have the records.

    Innovations in technology is now allowing jobs to be traced, tweaked and managed in ways that were once considered difficult. Employers of all types are using a wide range of tools to screen their workers’ efforts, and help them focus on the job they were hired to do. IT advancements can surely be costly, but they are also prized, as long as the time spent working is productive.

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