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Hybrid Cloud- The Best of Both Worlds

  • Hybrid Cloud- The Best of Both Worlds

    Hybrid Cloud- The Best of Both Worlds

    Cloud centered applications have vividly increased over the past few years. Collaboration services, customer relationship management systems, mobile apps, document storage offerings have factually changed the lives of both the consumers and the employees at companies, large or small. Organizations are progressively interested in the cloud, and on the same way the IT managers are realizing that one cloud doesn’t FIT every company.

    A hybrid cloud – running a portion of an enterprise’s system on a private cloud and the other on a public cloud – is an ever more popular option for companies.

    It’s no surprise that hybrid cloud adoption is growing. Not yet dominating, but making headway at a sturdy rate, hybrid cloud continues its ascent in coming years. In fact, it is expected to triple by 2018 as companies seek to realize better availability, elasticity, security, and all at a manageable price.

    Hybrid cloud technologies are enabling users to save and then access their information, be it any document or file, databases and spreadsheets from either a cloud based hosted system or their own internal servers, whichever is speedier and faster. It’s the same information, all together stored in several places and designed to be served up immediately to the user subject to where the user is. The data is stored on both the “public” cloud and “private” cloud.

    Although there are some enterprises which rely on a public cloud for the reason of cost-savings and convenience, while others necessity is the added security and customization of a private cloud. But the cloud is useless if we cannot get our data fast or when our data is less secure than when it was stored on our own servers.

    Thus the enterprises that require to go to the public cloud with non-sensitive data but need a more secure system for their critical systems and information, for them, there’s the hybrid cloud.

    Like with whatever thing there is no ‘one size FITS all’ solution. Similarly, every business is unique regardless of the industry it works in. Deciding whether to choose between a public, private or a hybrid cloud depends on a number of factors such as business data protection requirements and what applications you use etc. – but it really does vary from business to business.

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