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iKomet services have been designed to assist its client to achieve their targets thereby resulting in high performances. The benefits of our initiatives are not just limited to the clients but to the employees as well.


iKomet helps its clients in developing Innovative working styles and in-turn finding better ways of doing business. Our new ideas help us grow and mature, the reality is we work harder at nurturing, creating and enabling the culture which we crave.


A properly integrated business, results in improved customer service, better work environment and improved sales. iKomet believes in integrating its solutions and technologies with the client’s strategic goals.


Over 55 satisfied Clients

What makes ikomet special? Here is a quick insight and we look forward to serve you better.

  • Leading brands from industry

  • More than 50 technocrats

  • Over 120 projects

  • Effective customer responsiveness

  • Strong Infrastructure and Security

  • Effective project management


Infrastructure and Information Security

Our Internet and Infrastructure security goals in two major domains. The first being protecting the networks, information others from malwares, viruses, and internal or external threats. Secondly protecting the information being transmitted over the Internet.

First Level protection

  • Firewall & intranet based email access

  • Restricted access to the client servers

  • No access of external hardwares / software’s in any PC’s

  • Completely secured FTP / Client Hosting platform

  • Restricted Login access for assessing the Client Servers

Second Level Protection

  • Biometric Assess

  • Cell Phones / Cameras restricted

  • Paperless environment

  • 24/7 security guards

  • Video surveillance generated by CCTV cameras

Third Level Protection

  • Employee Security level Agreements

  • NDA @ confidentially Agreement

  • Background Verification

Our happy clients

Why iKomet


Our client Retention team performs quality and audit compliance to ensure the client's expectations are met. Our continuous feedback based on compliance is updated regularly in our internal CRM which helps to address any impending issue with the project anytime anywhere, thus helping our clients in delivering quick and accurate results.

At iKomet Projects are assigned exclusively to the Key Accounts Manager who ensures the client’s requirements are understood accurately. All the transaction between the KAM and the Client is recorded in the CRM to ensure quality. This helps us to deliver projects without any discrepancies and on time.

Our Business model is highly customer centric as we regularly undergo skill enhancing training programs which are designed to maximize the value of our work personalized for the clients we work with. Our exclusive programs helps our team to drive excellence in quality as the new normal and thus ultimately we are agile to client needs and thus achieve customer satisfaction.

Our clients